Painting and decorating are specialised trades requiring extensive product knowledge and skilled staff.

Only a large company such as Opat, who employs up to 300 people, has the ability to train people in specialist areas, to provide the quality of services that Opat is renowned for.

Opat implements sophisticated programming systems to support staff and ensure quality outcomes.

Revision of application methods of texture, membrane, paint  and access equipment allows Opat to select the best possible products, materials and equipment for your project.

Opat's proven estimating system and experience provides the client with accurate project costings.

Painting services include:

  • Interior and Exterior Applications
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Applications
  • Graffiti Removal and Anti-Graffiti Applications
  • Specialised Decorative Finishes
  • Specialised Texture Coatings
  • Restoration and Heritage Work
  • Building Cleaning

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Decorative Finishes

Opat has a rich history in specialist decorative finishes and the restoration of heritage buildings.  Opat was responsible for the introduction of glazed paint finishes into Australia in 1970, and the first applicator in Australia to use roller-applied gold-leaf in the Melbourne Concert Hall and Windsor Hotel Melbourne in the early 1980s.

Opat is renowned for high quality, specialised finishes such as:

  • Wallpapers and Wallcoverings     
  • Glazing
  • Gold-Leaf
  • Scumbling
  • Marbling
  • Stencilling

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Special Coatings


Opat has improved the value of many buildings by the application of specialist render coatings over existing substrate.


Opat is an approved applicator of specialist coatings and textures.

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Maintenance and Long Term Maintenance

Our Long Term Maintenance Service is a sophisticated method of providing protection for any structure against premature deterioration over an extended period of time.

Opat's maintenance programs are flexible to suit client needs.  One advantage is the ability to spread payments over a number of years. This allows work to be completed within the first year and the cost segmented into agreed yearly periods. This program ensures a fresh appearance of the building during the service term and reduces long term building maintenance costs by providing protection against rust, rotting, chalking and degradation of the structure.  Work is guaranteed for the life of the agreement. 

Opat maintenance agreements have benefited:

  • Body Corporate Complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Oil Company Outlets
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Sporting Complexes

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Concrete Rectification

From the moment it is first cast, concrete is under attack from  environmental factors - carbonation of concrete, ingress, chlorides, building movement, cracking and damage to concrete surfaces through abrasion. These factors reduce the concrete's natural ability to protect steel reinforcing, resulting in corrosion of the reinforcing.  As steel corrodes it expands, causing the surrounding concrete to spall and fall off, endangering both property and passersby. This degeneration is known as "Concrete Cancer".

Repair of concrete spalling (cancer) requires specialised techniques, skills and materials. In some States a contractor's licence for concrete repairs is required. It is critical to identify the cause of the corrosion before the correct repair procedure can be established. Simply patching damaged areas can result in the corrosion being transferred to the adjacent area, which subsequently spalls.

Opat's treatment includes:

  • Establishing the cause of the corrosion 
  • Excavation of the deteriorated area
  • Treatment to halt the corrosion process
  • Reinstating the concrete
  • Protecting against future corrosion     


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Waterproofing is a specialised process. It involves selecting the correct products and the professional application of the appropriate materials.

Waterproofing extends the life of exterior surfaces, can protect against the rusting of steel reinforcement and minimises concrete cancer.

Factors contributing to defective waterproofing include stress cracks, leaking parapet walls, failing expansion joints, poorly designed flashing and gutters and incorrectly applied membranes.

Without adequate external waterproofing, water can accumulate, penetrate and damage the interior structure of the building.

Opat is an approved applicator for waterproofing product manufacturers and keeps abreast of waterproofing technologies.

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